API Service Pricing

We offer subscriptions with differing licenses for two scenarios: private consumption and resale use. Private Research is the license for you if you are the end user of the supplied data. If you are acquiring data to sell in some form or fashion to your own customer, the Resell license is what you are looking for.

Please note that the Aletheia API service is under continuous development. New services and endpoints will be available in the future that may be accessible only to the non-free Tiers due to demanding computation requirements.

Private Research

These subscription plans are intended for developers conducting their own research for personal or private (internal) reasons. For example, an investment firm developing an algorithm for a trading bot. Or a developer conducting his or her own research.

Private Research API service is available at three service levels. We try our best to provide as much value as possible with generous allotments and endpoint availability for all tiers. As a result, all three tiers offer identical endpoint access; nothing is "off limits" for any tier.

These licenses do not cover scenarios in which you are using Aletheia in a product or service you then sell to another party. Please see the Resell plan below for a situation like this.

1,200 CALLS


Access to all endpoints

10,000 CALLS


Access to all endpoints



Access to all endpoints


We also provide a separate license for those that intend on using Aletheia in a resell scenario. For example, you are developing a financial research application, use Aletheia as a data source, and sell this application to your own user base.

Aletheia is a growing service and we are excited to grow together. Please reach out below!